get happy

what can i talk about?


Whatever is on your mind! The very challenges and life transitions that lead us to need more support--like starting a new job, moving to a new city, having a baby, or caring for an ill family member--are often the reason we’re receiving less of it!

Happy Givers are here to support you through life’s everyday stresses as well as its more intense struggles.

because we all have moments when...

what do we do?

Happy is a mobile app that connects individuals experiencing life’s everyday stresses and struggles with exceptionally compassionate listeners

over the phone,
in an affordable and safe environment.

who will i talk to?

One of our 2500 Happy Givers who are each vetted and approved because of their gift for deep listening and acceptance; they are non-judgmental, naturally affirming of others, and ask insightful questions that help callers gain fresh perspective.


it works

Receiving emotional support is linked to increased physical and mental health, and increased life satisfaction

Receiving emotional support also makes people more resilient in the face of stress

Good news! Giving social support to others also contributes to increased physical and mental health, and increased life satisfaction.

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